⚡┃Vision for Demions

Demions will not include a roadmap, I'd like to give a detailed explanation on why I think this is the right approach and why I think there is a place for every kind of collection out there - just like there is for Demions.

I'd say that Demions is a art-first project with it's 'utility' bringing mental health awareness all the while giving you immediate return on your purchase, by having such an exclusive small supply with an abundance of traits which has not been done before in a small project.
I want to be an educator in the space as well as continuing to create art, potentially related to Demions or not.

The space is filled with projects that focus on different things, be it to instill hype and get minted out, meme projects or even projects that come from already existing artists with a huge audience.
The NFT space is relentless and projects use utility and roadmap promises to create inflated hype based on said promises. Mind you, this may lasts until up to mint, but surely with so many promises made, hype dies off quickly when people realize that most promises like that take an extreme amount of time and work, resulting in rugs by scared founders or failed projects. As a software engineer, I do have a pretty accurate view on what it takes. Demions is different and a collectible project at heart with as much value as I can deliver upon art wise - an art exhibition with more of that compared to other projects and to support the vision and artist behind it.

I always try to remind people that:

"What would the project do with their initial promises if they do not mint out and the project does not have sufficient funds to actually make those initial promises true?."

if people promise that Rome is built tomorrow, instead of years, then something may be iffy about their intentions.Utility however does not always guarantee a higher floor price, so please do ask yourself what it truly is besides utility when you invest in a project?

Everyone mints NFT projects for their own personal reasons, however, I am being as honest as possible about what Demions is, it will make you feel less stressful in the long run and you will be able to enjoy the piece you get from it. I'd rather be honest with you on every thing I say and I hope you appreciate honesty above all - however it may be less flashy than overpromises.

🎨┃Doing things differently in this vast competitive space

Rather then building on promises to get a project hyped up, I'd focus on what I can give you on minting date. This is being honest, protecting you from the dangers of a 'rug'.

With over ~140 traits, and unique 1/1's, I surely could go for a supply count in the higher range, the trait count would allow it and it is what you see in other higher supply projects.

My intention, however, is to create as much immediate value as I can for people that have believed in us on the day of minting. I feel like this is a better way to show appreciation to the community than to actually make empty promises that people need to wait for in the future - or never.

Again, focusing on things that I know I can deliver. I don't think there is any low supply with as many traits that the Demions will feature.
This is a unique advantage point in my eyes, surely will make heads turn - return immediate value for minters.

I truly have been working daily since October to make Demions work, drawing, coding, networking, collabing and organizing - and to be honest, I haven't worked as hard as I have on Demions compared to any other moment in my life - these little fella's and you guys are constantly on my mind, and I hope this shows. The last **5 months** have purely gone into growing our community and presence on Twitter organically, unpaid. Continuous effort has gone into this.

Going back to why I started the project, this was my way of learning to draw and exposing the inner creative that was in me. Through my background I have been able to do all the requirements around it in terms of dev work, but began to put myself on the map as someone who wants to venture into the creative field, all while bringing something under the microscope that which has been neglected up until now in the space and that's mental health.

It's me wanting to shine a light on the importance of mental health and breaking the taboo around it through a story and giving your bad feelings a relatable origin story.


That being said, this project is an art-exhibition with the points above in mind. The exclusive art collectibles in combination with all points of the above all for a low price is what you effectively get - no promises, no roadmap perse. If extra's in the future, they will come as a surprise more than anything.

📜┃Terms of Service

This ToS only is there to provide a last, short explanation if previous text was not elaborate enough.

Things said may be repeated from previous points I've shared. People are relentless in the space and sometimes make risky investments they can not afford only to send threats to founders that put their souls into this work.

Demions is a project that puts art first, together with creating enough immediate value ( while other projects make future promises ) through it's low supply with high trait count and very low minting price and effectively bets on that first with no formal roadmap.
If the background, team and art speaks to your soul, then you're in the right place. To create a future, more art, nurture this community like I have been is on my mind, however the NFT you are purchasing is not based on future promises and is not intended to be an investment vehicle.

1. No guarantees or promises

My take on it is that nobody can make these, but at least we are honest about it towards you, our supporters.
When you purchase a Demion, you agree that your purchase from our initial launch of NFTs is all you are guaranteed to receive in exchange for your funds.
Whether through primary or secondary channels, the art, vision and supporting of what we stand for is what you receive. Any future benefits are extra ( if any at all) to this purchase and not to be taken into consideration with your
purchase. You agree that you are not relying on any future commitments by myself or Demions.
Although, I'd like to point out that I did try to overdeliver very hard on the art part itself, considering the supply, mint price and trait counts. Immediate return in value, instead of future promises. Months of work have gone into this collectible project.

2. Demions - not intended as investments purely

They are not meant as investment vehicles. I make absolutely no promise or guarantee that these NFTs will be worth anything more than what you and the market deem the art to be worth. The floor price is not under anyone's control, but the public.
You understand that they have no inherent monetary value, and they should be treated as nothing more than a collectible with potential unpredictable future value or lack thereof.
That being said, I've poured my heart and soul into the whole project from A to Z starting in October. I do not have say over how the market responds to it, therefore I do not hold accountability.
You are supporting someone who has been working months on this and wanting to skew his career towards artistic endeavours.
Rather be 100% honest and transparent with you guys - this lies near my personality the most.

3. Demions - reserved rights to the brand

All brand and project names (e.g. “Demions” ) as well as character concepts are owned by the team at Demions.com, and all rights that are not specifically granted to the users and owners of the NFTs below are reserved by the team. The overall aesthetic of the characters and elements in “Demions' are owned by the founder, artist and developer (Happe - e.g. Steven ) and he reserves the rights thereto. However, you can do with your owned Demion as you wish as long as it's not any material, which is unlawful, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, abusive, hateful, offensive or otherwise objectionable or unreasonable or infringing upon any laws or regulations or intellectual property rights or proprietary rights or confidentiality obligations and you shall indemnify and defend Demions against any claims, damages, proceedings, loss or costs arising from such use.