Welcome to the Demions.

Demions will feature only 333 little demons that will be summoned in an upcoming NFT-collection on the Ethereum network.
featuring over 140 traits and a bunch of unique 1/1's- hop in our Discord to stay up-to-date!

🎉 Public Sale ENDED. 🎉

The story.

The Overlord and his minions

Demions Portal

The Overlord is a mighty creature, that rules over a place not bound by space and time. He lives a quite boring life, but is always in search of treasure and riches - and during that effort, wreak havoc on its owners.

Through help of its servant, called the "Demions", these little fellows are sent through portals to acquire ornaments - with the sole purpose of their mission to rank higher in the esteem of the Overlord, they merely abide to his will.

These portals are, however, not bound by time nor place - thus removes the limitations of normal travel which we know.
Current time on Earth as well as times like the tribal times will not be left untouched by their raids. Their citizens will answer to the ruthless call of the Overlord.

Our art - a deep dive.

What exactly makes them special?

Made with love - and meticulous detail

A whole bunch of traits.

We understand that every Demion should feel unique - but also have enough variety.
This is possible due to the fact that these little fellows travel space and time.

As of this moment, we include over 140 traits - precisely drawn, picked and sprinkled over multiple categories.


skin color
skin attributes
background accessories
background color
🎨┃Have a chance to get another one
- on the house!

A strong pillar of any NFT drop, we are setting aside an amount of Demions to be given away exclusively to holders.

These will be given away throughout the minting process or after sell-out.

🏥┃Donation to a charity that focuses on mental health.

It's no secret that COVID-19 added onto the already apparent problem with mental health for adults.

We will organize a community-driven poll where we decide on which charity we donate to.

This project sprouted from this issue - thus it feels appropriate to help those in need.

Demion Example
🌎┃A community to wind down with - no obligations.

We've always been focused on creating a safe space away from all the requirements of other Discord servers where they expect you to be 24/7 on Discord, grinding away for a WL spot.

Demions is and should be a place without expectations like this. This is a place where you can wind down and relax from the ever-so-fast moving space without any obligations.Connect with like-minded people, make friends, create genuine conversations without the spamming "GM" - we are proud to say Demions is involved in this.

If you need a talk about mental health, you know you can find it here, because Demions sprouted from it. Everyone here has been a valuable star to each other and I love to see it - the contributions in 🧠┃mental-health are nothing short from astounding.

🧠┃Supporting the founder in his venture to creative fields, revealing mental health origins and breaking the taboo

As already shown, my effort has continuously gone into breaking the taboo around mental health, raising awareness in the space through the Demions, or other ways.

I've shared this already, but I started drawing in June 2021 after burn-out and depression as a means to fight it. I started on Demions sketches and built it out since October 2021.

My venture into creative endeavours have been short, but fruitful nevertheless. I want to aspire others to chase their dreams and help them. You guys are effectively my supporters in becoming an artist myself. I'd like to keep creating art, building out my (now limited) skills - remembering who got me started.

A way to support mental health and me who put my heart and soul in this project on every layer.

🎉We did it!🎉
I strongly believe there is place for every kind of project - just like there is
for Demions

The focus of Demions has been on giving back to the community in a different way and supporting what we stand for - instead of overpromised utility like other projects, Demions delivers on mint date on other bases already explained.

This project is an art-exhibition with the points above in mind. The exclusive art collectibles in combination with all points of the above all for a low price is what you effectively get - no promises, no roadmap perse.

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Animated Timeline

Made for the Webflow community

We use this timeline component to tell the Relume story, but we think it can be used to communicate a process, a product roadmap, a company’s history or a story.